Climate in Coimbatore

Majority of the Southern cities of India have a characteristic warm and sultry summer almost through out the year. But Coimbatore experiences a predominantly pleasant climate.

It is a salubrious climate that does not actually reach the sweltering high temperatures. The location of the Coimbatore city is on the western part of the state of Tamil Nadu and stands above 398 meters above sea-level.

The mean maximum and minimum temperatures observed during the summer and winter months are recorded between 35 0 C to 18 0 C respectively. 410 C has been the highest temperature recorded so far in the region and the lowest was 120 C.

The high mountain pass affects the climate of the region in many ways. It receives ample rain during the monsoon months. This makes the south-west monsoon a great determinant of the climate, vegetation and the associated industries of the area.

Coimbatore experiences a fair monsoon during the months of June to August. The month of September experiences a bit of humid weather and the regular monsoon sets in from October and lasts till early November. This second phase of monsoon is caused by the retreating north-east monsoon.

The area has an average annual rainfall of 700 mm. The north-east and the south-west monsoons contribute 47% and 28% of the total rainfall respectively. This rainfall does not meet the total requirement of the city for an entire year. The small rivers like Siruvani and Atthikadavu which flow through the city take up the responsibility of fulfilling the rest of the water needs.

Coimbatore comes under the Class III/IV seismic zone and had experienced an earthquake of average magnitude (6.0 in the Richter scale) in 1900. It is mostly the volcanic lavas that constitute the soils of this region. The black soil boosts the cultivation cotton and as mentioned earlier, plays a great role in furthering the growth of the textile industry in the region.

The favorable climatic conditions favor the growth of diverse flora and fauna in the region. The Salim Ali Center for Ornithology and Natural History is place of great interest for environmentalists and tourists and is located at Anaikatty in Coimbatore district.