Cuisine (Food) of Coimbatore

Information on Cuisine of Coimbatore

Rice is the staple food in Coimbatore and one can note the multi-cultural effect in the regional cuisine emanating from the numerous migrants that are visiting this city from all over India.

Usually, the food is mildly flavored. In each part of the city, you will feel the variation as they are adjusted to suit the palette.

Many restaurants believe serving in banana leaf to retain the flavor and add to the hygienic properties that comes from fresh banana leafs.

Apart from the conventional idli and dosa, there is a traditional recipe in Coimbatore called Mysorepa.

It is a sweet dish made from lentil flour and clarified butter.

A visit to Coimbatore is never complete without a taste of the Food & Siruvani Water.

The Annapurna Chain of Restaurants is known to serve wonderful vegetarian rice meal along with the popular idli, dosa, vada and chutney.

The Angannan’s, Sampoorna, Rayappas and Thalappas are known for their non-vegetarian fare.

The Hari Bhavan on RTO Road and Gandhipuram 4th Street is famous for its non-vegetarian delicacies.

PizzaThe popular chains like, McDonald’s, Pizza Hut, Domino’s Marry Brown, baskin Robbins, Barista and Café Coffee Day, etc. are also popular eateries in Coimbatore like the rest of India.