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Top Places to visit in Coimbatore

Places of general interest in Coimbatore suitable for picnic and leisure. Best picnic spots to spend during holidays in Coimbatore

Monkey Falls

Situated at a distance of 65 kilometers from Coimbatore on the Valparai Highway, this is right at the foothills of the Western Ghats. As it is implied by the name, this place always remains crowded with monkeys.

Bhavani Sagar Dam

Located at a distance of 80 kilometers from Coimbatore, this earthen dam was constructed after the independence of India. The dam is constructed on the Bhavani River and the point just where it meets the Moyar River. This adds to the scenic beauty. There is a children’s park with all exciting amenities along with an orchid garden.

Udumalai Narayanakavi Memorial

This memorial is located at a distance of 84 kilometer from Coimbatore in the Poolavadi village of Udumalpet Taluk. The memorial presents an exhibition of the life history and rare photographs of Narayanakavi, who is regarded as a rationalist poet and had a successful foray in the world of music, drama and films. Born in 1899 in a poor family, the compositions of this poet was so poignant but simple, that the common man could easily relate to them. His songs had a role to play during the freedom struggle too; and following his death in 1981, this memorial was built.

Thirumoorthy Dam

This 60 feet high dam was built in 1966 on the Palar River. It falls on the Palani-Coimbatore highway. Irrigation and generating electricity was the main purpose behind the creation of this dam and it also caters to the entire water supply requirement of the Coimbatore city. With an adjoining garden and swimming pool this dam is a popular tourist spot where the visitors can enjoy boating facilities too.


This is an important visiting spot for the Hindu pilgrims and is located in Dindigul district which is 100 km away from Coimbatore. The presiding deity in this temple that stands atop the Sivagiri or Palani hill is Lord Murugan. This temple is revered as the third abode of the Lord and has several smaller shrines and temples that are dedicated to the other deities. Pilgrims were required to climb steep steps to reach the deity and recently to add to their convenience, provisions for a funicular railway and a ropeway have been made.

Anaimalai Wildlife Sanctuary

Also known as Indira Gandhi National Park, it is situated just on the Tamil Nadu and Kerala border and 90 kilometers off Coimbatore. Perched at a height of 1400 meters above sea-level and having a total stretch of 958 sq. km., the sanctuary houses diverse animal species along with some rare birds. There are also some adjoining dams, reservoirs, teak forests, waterfalls and groves to add to the rustic beauty of the environment here.

Amaravati Sagar Crocodile Farm

This is the largest crocodile nursery in India and was built in 1975 near the Amravati reservoir in the Anaimalai Hills. Housing over 430 crocodiles, one can find the Marsh and Persian crocodiles here. Eggs are collected from the wild nests and reared in the farm. The management and maintenance of the farm is done by the three forest departments.

Top Slip

This small park is characterized by the medicinal plant conservation and is also located on the slopes of the Anaimalai Hills, 65 kilometers off Coimbatore. This is a place frequented and loved by passionate bird-watchers and this park actually falls under the area of the Indira Gandhi National Park and is also surrounded by the Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary (Kerala)to the west, Eravikulam National Park (Kerala) and Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary. The slopes are filled with dense evergreen forests and you will also find patches of deciduous forests, grasslands, thorn forests and marshes.


Valparai is also located on the Anaimalai mountain range and is famous for its tea plantations. Located at a distance of 95 kilometers from Coimbatore, this is famously called the “Cherrapunji of South India”, as it receives the highest rainfall during the monsoons. Surrounded by green forests, the place has fifteen tea factories along with a number of tea and coffee estates and the Sholayar, Neerar and Kadamparai dams. 


This is one of the oldest hill stations in the Nilgiris and is akin to an ‘open terrace’ massif. Located at a distance of 16 kilometers from Ooty, it was earlier known as Kota-Keri which can be translated as the house of the Kotas and were a preferred summer resort for the British. There are a number of tourist destinations that came under this place like the Kodanad Point, Longwood Shola, Rangaswamy Pillar, etc. There are two waterfalls – Catherine and Dolphin’s Nose. Then you have the tea estates, the Moyar River, Thengumarahada and Bhavanisagar dams to add to the exquisite beauty of the place.

Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary

This covers a stretch of 285 sq. km. and falls between the Anaimalai and Nellianpathy ranges. Although located in the Palakkad district of Kerala, this place can be visited from the Coimbatore airport which is just 55 kilometers away. This is a virgin valley housing some rare and exotic flora and fauna along with some rare species of animals. The largest number of the Indian Bison can be found here and is a wonderful blend of nature’s multi-faceted beauty. Another major attraction here is the oldest and the largest teak tree of Asia, Kannimaram. It is 40 high and 6.4 meters in girth. The mystical feel is added by the intersecting Parambikulam, Sholayar and Thekkedy rivers.

Madumalai Wildlife Sanctuary

This is located between the Anaimalai and Bandipur sanctuaries and situated at a distance of 160 kilometers off Coimbatore. This place also houses some rare varieties of trees and animals. The bamboos, natural teak and the eucalyptus forests add to the tourist attractions.


This is the second largest hill station in the Nilgiris and is a wonderful holiday spot. One can enjoy the beauty of the Nilgiri Hills, the tea plantations and is ideal for trekking expeditions. Located 110 kilometers off Coimbatore, Conoor is also famous with the bird watchers. The Sim’s Park botanical garden has over a thousand varieties of rare and economically important plant varieties.


Also known as Udhagamandalam, Ooty is still regarded as the “Queen of hill stations” in India. Located at 105 kilometers off Coimbatore, the name suggests a ‘village of huts’. With a lot of greens, the climate of this place is similar to the English summers.

Thirumoorthy Temple

Also known as Amalingeshwarar Temple, this is regarded as a major pilgrimage spot by the Hindus and is situated on the Palani-Coimbatore highway. The temple has an adjoining waterfall and a perennial stream. The worships and rituals conducted during the Amavasi and Pournima gather a throng of devotees.

Sangameshwara Temple

Located at a distance of 121 kilometers from Coimbatore, this temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and his consort Vedanayaki. This is a unique black stone architecture that dates back to over a thousand years and was constructed during the reign of Kongu state kings. Attributed as the “Triveni of south India”, you have the Bhavani, Cauvery and the Amudha (now invisible) merging at this point.


Kodaikanal is situated just at the southern tip of the Palani Hills. This place exhibits a mystic natural beauty as you will find the crystal springs amidst the dense greenery, the water falls along with the unusual freshness in the air, all blending together to build the mysticism in the atmosphere. It is nature in its purest and calm form. This makes it extremely popular with the tourists and this hill station has visitors almost all through out the year. The Kurinji flower, that bloom only once in every twelve years, is a major attraction in this place. There is an orchidorium just six kilometers from Kodai that houses over 300 varieties of orchids. There are several other popular tourist spots in this area like the Bear Shola Falls, Silver Cascade, Kodai Lake, Bryant Park, Coaker’s Walk and the Kukkai Caves, to name a few.

Black Thunder

This is basically an added attraction for the tourists and is located at a distance of just 40 kilometers from Coimbatore. This is an amusement park and exhibits a world-class sporting environment. Situated on the Mettupalayam Road, near Kallar, this place is extremely popular with the fitness freaks and other tourists as well.

Kovai Kondattam

This is also a water sports and amusement park just 25 kilometers off Coimbatore.

Vaideki Waterfalls

The uniqueness of this natural waterfall located 30 kilometers off Coimbatore, is the provision for easy gliding and this makes it a popular theme park too. Trekkers love this place, and the locals and foreign tourists prefer it as an ideal picnic spot. There are a lot of elephants along with other animals in this forest, and the permission of the forest guards is required for visitors to enter the area.

Sengupathi Waterfalls

This is a calm tourist spot situated on the Coimbatore-Siruvani main road and just 35 kilometers off the city. It is the surrounding nature that defines the exquisite environment here.

Kovai Kutralam

Also known as the Siruvani Waterfalls, it is 37 kilometers from Coimbatore. It is regarded as a magnificent natural beauty and is located right at the center of a dense forest. It is second sweetest lake in the world and it draws tourists from far and wide, who get lured by the incredibly sweet taste of the water; and not to forget the panoramic view around it.